Why visit Carbon Expo

Carbon Markets have proven to be a fundamental tool to expediently spur economy-wide abatement activities and steer finance towards low carbon technologies. Nevertheless, a combination of market based approaches with additional policies and measures are needed to meet global climate aspiration. CARBON EXPO is the global platform to explore the detailed development of Carbon Markets worldwide and interrelated policies and measures that will shape the international climate regime of the future. Equip yourself with crucial information on the challenges and opportunities in the global Carbon Market.

Global and Multilateral

In the last twelve years, this event, held at the heart of Europe, has established itself as the world’s leading global event for stakeholder in the Carbon Market.

In 2015, 100 exhibitors and around 2,200 visitors from 109 countries attended the carbon market's leading global trade fair and conference for emissions trading, carbon abatement solutions and new technologies in Barcelona.

The interface between Carbon Markets, Climate Finance and Clean Energy

Industry and utilities alike face new low carbon requirements and respond to possibilities being created by new technologies. New business opportunities for the conventional energy and renewable energy markets need climate financing, which mixes income streams and carbon reduction, public support and private funding. CARBON EXPO answers the questions, using an inclusive approach, and providing a platform for interface between different worlds. CARBON EXPO is where the clean energy scene meets the climate financing scene.

Reasons to attend:

  • Identify and understand reliable future trends
  • Take the pulse of climate policy developments
  • Show your country’s innovative and cost-effective ways to scale up emissions reductions and foster financial flows
  • Showcase your SME’s specialized in Climate Technologies, Emission Markets and Climate Finance
  • Have a say in the development of new market mechanisms for 2016 and beyond
  • Find the right investment
  • Business & network development