The global location for business transactions on the carbon market

Carbon markets are undergoing challenging years since the global economic downturn and the lack of legally binding emission targets. Nevertheless Europe and the world must continue its fight against climate change and an enormous amount of clean energy investment is required to reach once set aims.

As the carbon market takes new shapes and welcomes new actors and domestic carbon reduction projects, CARBON EXPO continues as the most important business place, bringing you the latest news, in-depth analysis and experts from around the world – all under the same roof.

Visitors Carbon Expo

Where the entire energy & carbon market value chain meets

  • Business Leaders & Senior Executives
  • Companies registered under EU-ETS
  • Associations of Consumer Goods Industry: Food, Textile, Furniture
  • Project Developers, Multilateral Development Organisations
  • Energy-intensive Industries
  • Bilateral AIDS Agencies
  • CDM/JI Host Countries Representatives
  • Investment Promotion Agencies
  • Clean Technology Providers
  • Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Industries
  • Power Companies
  • CSR Officers
  • Corporate Responsibility Indexes
  • Sustainability Initiatives
  • Companies performing Carbon Footprint Calculations
  • Companies regulated by Domestic Laws (UK, DE)
  • Verifiers and Certifiers
  • Data Providers and Software Companies
  • Climate Financial Intermediaries
  • Financial & Legal Corporations
  • Development Banks, Commercial Banks
  • Energy Management Consulting
  • Risk Analysts
  • Asset Managers
  • UNFCCC Representatives
  • CDM EB & JISC Members
  • Government Officials, City Authorities
  • NGOs & Academia
  • News Agencies & Press