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Carbon markets are undergoing challenging years since the global economic downturn of 2008 and the lack of legally binding emission targets on a global agreement.

Greenhouse gas emissions in developed countries have been decreasing as of 2009 along with the financial crisis and a significant reduction in industrial activity. Forecasts indicate that European carbon markets are oversupplied and the continuous absence of long-term solutions will lead carbon prices to reach a historic low this year.

Nevertheless Europe must continue its fight against climate change and an enormous amount of clean energy investment is required to reach the once set aims. The EU parliament voted in June 2013 to temporarily backload carbon credits in order to stabilize an effective and well-functioning carbon market as a key tool to reduce GHG emissions.

There is also positive outlook: New markets came to life in Asia, California and Australia and are expected to become more important in the coming years. Voluntary actors worldwide channel resources into domestic carbon reduction projects and reflect on their climate footprint. As more and more consumers desire to show climate leadership, Corporate Responsibility remains the top motivation for the private sector to address climate change in a serious way.

With the carbon market taking new shapes, CARBON EXPO will continue to bring you the latest news, in-depth analysis of current issues and trends, and an expert panel from around the world - all under one roof.

What makes the CARBON EXPO a special event?

  • A professional business and matchmaking platform
  • Solid network to get linked into the energy and carbon markets
  • A global and multi-sectoral trade fair
  • A pioneering international and interactive Conference
  • Develop successful partnerships in the energy and carbon world

Experts predict that the carbon market will pick up its pace in time. The CARBON EXPO is and remains the ideal location to conclude business transactions on the CO2 market.